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The Voyage Out

5 May
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  • mellymbrosia@livejournal.com
This is the writing journal for phaballa. All my original fiction will be posted and archived here.

If you're looking for my fandom-related writing, thoughts, icons, etc. or my Newsday updates go check out my personal/fandom journal, phaballa.

Why a writing journal, you ask? Mainly so that I can delete the thing if anyone ever decides they want to publish my work, without feeling bad that I've just gone and deleted everything I've written and thought about fandom, politics, and life in general.

This journal will be friends-locked for the reasons stated above (copyright, etc) so if you want to read my original fiction (and you know you do, as I am brilliant and clever and talented) then you have to let me know you've friended me so I can friend you back and you can bask in the wonderousness that is my writing.

Not to be arrogant or anything, but I am a genius.

artemis junction, constructive criticism, original fiction, reading, verity flash, weresheep, werewolf detectives, writing